3 Things You Need to Know About Having A Plan Manager

Just got your Access Decision from the NDIS? Congratulations! You’re now on your way to getting the supports you need to live your best life.

The next step? Having that all-important planning meeting with your NDIA professional. In preparation for your meeting, you should consider how you would like for your plan to be managed.

When it comes to managing your NDIS plan, you have three options:

  • Management by an NDIS Plan Manager. You may opt for all financial aspects of your plan to be managed by a registered plan manager like Blitzit – sort of like having your own NDIS assistant to pay your provider invoices. To view the range of services an NDIS plan manager like Blitzit provides, click here.
  • Self-management. You (or your Plan Nominee) manage all financial administration tasks of your plan on your own. You will be responsible for paying invoices, tracking your NDIS fund and making arrangements with service providers. Learn more about self-management here.
  • Management by the National Disability Insurance Agency (NDIA).  You can only use NDIS registered providers. Your providers claim payment electronically from your funding. You can look on the myplace portal to see what claims providers are making against your NDIS funding and keep track of your budget. Learn more about NDIA management here.

Each participant’s situation is different, so we encourage you to read up on these different options so you can decide which one fits your circumstances the most. If you’re wondering what makes plan management a wise choice for you, we break down three things you need to know below.

1. You won’t be charged extra to engage a plan manager — in fact, the NDIA will add extra to your funding.

If you choose to be plan-managed, all costs will be included by the NDIA through your NDIS plan — there will be no out-of-pocket expenses for you. What the NDIA does is add more funds to your plan to cover the services of a plan manager who will serve as your NDIS financial intermediary.

2. With a plan manager, you can choose any service provider you like, to assist achieve your goals.

The NDIS allocates funds directly to people with disability, which gives them greater choice and control over the providers whose supports and services they wish to support them.

Plan management offers you greater choices to utilize both registered and unregistered providers to fulfill your services and support.

3. Plan Manager provides you the tools to easily track your funds without the hassle.

Plan management leaves all these tasks in the hands of a professional, thus giving you more time to live the life you want.

To provide transparency, plan managers will often have an online system in place that allows you to easily track your spending. For instance, the Blitzit Online Portal offers you a customised view into your NDIS-allocated budget, allowing you to monitor your budget, check invoices processed and paid, and view your balance in one easy-to-use online space. Furthermore, with a plan manager, you get access to assistance on how to spend your funds.

Self-managing can be quite a challenge because you have to be on top of all your invoices, claims and records yourself. With NDIA management you will be required to login to your MyGov Portal. Plan Management manages everything for you.

Think plan management is the right choice for you?

We understand if you have questions before you proceed. We’d be happy to answer them for you. Contact us for a chat at 1300 966 119, or email hello@blitzit.com.au or sign up now Need more time to think about it? No worries. You can learn more information and receive updates on our services by signing up for our newsletter here.

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