The easy, stress-free way to set up and manage your NDIS plan 

from an expert plan management team you can trust.

We are experts in NDIS plan management

Your NDIS plan is just the starting point. At Blitzit Plan Manager, we help you achieve your goals through managing your NDIS budget.

The introduction of the NDIS meant new systems, increased responsibility in managing your funds and services, and a whole lot of new and often confusing information. Navigating your way through the NDIS can be stressful to manage. We’re here to help.

Blitzit Plan Manager helps you streamline the financial tasks associated with paying for services in the NDIS, giving you complete control and flexibility over your plan services and allocated funding.

Plan management helps you to manage the budget allocated to you by the NDIS. Your budget is allocated with consideration to your disability, the types of services and support you need, and your goals. This is mapped out in your NDIS plan, which becomes the basis for the financial support provided to you through the NDIS.

Why Choose Blitzit Plan Manager

We pay on time

Your invoices are our priority. We’re committed to paying them rapidly, so you don’t have to worry about bills piling up. You can expect service providers to be paid within two to three business days – or quicker. This gives you the peace of mind that your bills are up to date and accounted for.

You're always in control

The Blitzit Online Portal (BOP) is your one-stop location to see your balance and how you’re tracking against the budget allocated in your NDIS plan. Track your budget and allow it to unlock how you spend money on the services you require. For transparency, we send out a monthly statement for your review with budget, balances and spending with each provider. You remain in control of your plan the whole time.

We listen

We take the time to understand your individual circumstances and are committed to providing the highest quality service.

We’re responsive

We pride ourselves on our communication, and you can expect a response from one of our qualified staff within two business days of your query. Contact us by phone, email or in writing.

We know the NDIS

From payments to guidance, we’re here to give you choice and control over your NDIS plan. We can recommend and guide you through services that will suit your goals. We engage with members of the disability community and the NDIA every day, and have the answers to your questions.

We maximise the potential of your NDIS plan

Education is important to us and we attend regular training courses, seminars and conferences, as well as being in constant contact with the NDIA, to ensure we have the know-how to keep you totally informed about the possibilities of your NDIS plan. This allows you to choose the services that will help you achieve your lifestyle aims.

We’re constantly getting better

We have extensive knowledge of the NDIS and disability service, and stay up to date with the latest news and regulations. We’re constantly improving our systems and processes, so you benefit from a more streamlined approach.

We’re 100% compliant

Blitzit Plan Manager is regularly audited to ensure compliance with the guidelines and standards developed by the NDIS Quality and Safeguards Commission. This is important to us, as it shows we’re serious about maintaining compliance and a high standard of care.

Guidance on providers

We’ve got an Australia-wide network of service providers, so we can connect you with those in your local community. If you have a question about a current or prospective service provider, just ask us for guidance, if we can help, we will.

Communicating with service providers

Blitzit Plan Manager communicates with your service providers about payments, so you don’t have to. We speak to them about invoices, answer their questions, and help providers better understand invoicing and payments processing within the NDIS. You may use several services from a number of service providers, and we’ll organise payment and remittance advice to them on your behalf.

We work with Support Coordinators

Blitzit Plan Manager works closely with your support coordinator to ensure everyone involved with your plan has up-to-date information. With your consent we can provide support coordinators their very own Blitzit Online Portal we refer to as "BOP " access so they can assist you to keep a track of the budget, balances and invoices processed and paid. They will also receive a copy of your monthly statement which outlines each provider that has been paid for services within the plan period and the total value of the services claimed to date, which makes it easy to monitor your spend against any service agreements you have with providers. Statements also show the percentage remaining in each support category.

Following up new plans

While most plans run for 12 months, they can also cover a three-, six-, or 24-month period. You will be contacted by the NDIS before your plan expires, and this should be the impetus to prepare quotes for your meeting about the period ahead with your local area coordinator (LAC), or planner. When a new plan is generated, the older version becomes inactive. If we become aware that your plan is inactive, we will contact you. This allows you to source a new plan quickly and avoid delays in paying your providers.

We’ve been there too

Before starting Blitzit Plan Manager in 2016, we were deeply involved with the disability sector via volunteering and employment. Our own personal experiences continue to shape the service and care we provide to you.

No cost to have your plan managed by Blitzit

All costs are funded by the NDIA through your NDIS plan, which means there’s no out-of-pocket expenses for participants for our services.

It’s simple to add plan management to your NDIS plan

It’s easy to include plan management in your NDIS plan – you just have to request the service through your planner or local area coordinator during your plan meeting. It’s that simple.

Ready to start?

To join Blitzit Plan Manager, you need to provide us with a copy of your NDIS plan, and fill out and sign our Services Agreement, which outlines the services we will provide to you. Once we have your details, we’ll put you in the system and you can start tracking your budget. If you have a question, encounter a problem or need help filling out the form, contact our team on 1300 966 119 or get in touch using our contact form.