About NDIS
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The NDIS changed the way people with a disability access services and support.

About the NDIS

The National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) provides financial support and services to people under 65 living with a disability. 

The National Disability Insurance Agency (NDIA) is the government agency that manages the NDIS and ensures people with a disability get the support they require.

The NDIS revolutionised the way the Australian government funds support services, equipment and consumables for people living with a permanent or significant disability. Where service providers previously managed funding, the funds are now distributed directly to the person with a disability, giving them greater freedom and the flexibility to engage providers of their choice.

NDIS services and support

Each person that uses the NDIS is required to have a plan, which includes an NDIS number and a budget specific to the participant’s disability, needs and goals. If you are plan-managed (which is the case if you become a Blitzit Plan Manager participant)you can choose any provider you like; however, if you are agency-managed, your providers must be registered with the NDIS. 

How plan management can assist you with the NDIS

A plan manager like Blitzit Plan Manager is a third party that manages and helps you use your NDIS plan. Above all else, plan management allows you to choose to use any provider you like, whether they are NDIS registered or not. This means you can engage any service in your local community and, in most cases, stretch your budget even further. You also have the flexibility to choose registered providers who understand NDIS price limits and price their services within those guidelines.

Blitzit Plan Manager claims and pays invoices from your allocated budget on your behalf, as well as helping you track your funds and taking care of financial reporting for you.  This avoids unwanted administrative tasks and ensures you are receiving the best value for money through your plan. 

Blitzit Plan Manager understands the NDIS and can help you navigate the different ways to use your plan effectively. We can recommend suitable providers and guide your use of services. In short, Blitzit Plan Manager becomes a trusted resource that you can rely on for information and advice as you journey through life.