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Blitzit Service Provider Invoice template

Invoice Sample


Blitzit Service Provider Sample Invoice example

Reasonable and Necessary


This checklist and guide will assist you to break down the criteria that the NDIS uses when determining if a support, product or service you're seeking meets the definition NDIS considers to be reasonable and necessary to your personal situation.

Reimbursement Request


If, as a participant or nominee/carer, you have paid for an item or service that is considered reasonable and necessary for your disability, you can be reimbursed by choosing any of the following options:

Option 1.   Complete Online

complete online here and attach the Tax Invoice and submit for processing.

Option 2.   Download, Scan and Return  

  1. Download this form
  2. Complete the information to request a reimbursement - fill in all fields 
  3. Scan and return by email with the original Tax Invoice to

Option 3. Mail to

Blitzit Plan Manager
PO Box 4323 
Pitt Town NSW 2756.

Service Agreement


For Blitzit to Plan Manage your NDIS Plan – please download and complete the Service Agreement. Or complete online version here