How we can help your business

We take the stress out of paying invoices, so your business can do what it does best – providing services and support to people living with a disability.

At Blitzit Plan Manager, it doesn’t matter if your business is NDIS-registered or not. This is because we offer plan management services, which means people can use their budget any way and with any one they want (as long as it is reasonable, necessary and falls within the NDIS guidelines of achieving participants goals), giving them flexibility and control with the providers they choose.

What We Do

Blitzit Plan Manager’s primary function is to be the financial conduit between you, the participant and the NDIS. We track a participant’s budget and provide them with a access to our Blitzit Online Portal offering 24/7 access to the budget and balances of each support category as well as monthly statements detailing their spending. We liaise with the NDIS to clear payments and organise the transfer of funds between parties.

We work with people living with a disability all across Australia as their financial intermediary. This simply means we pay funds allocated to them through their NDIS plan to providers like yourself, as well as helping them track their spending across the core, capacity building and capital supports, which your business supplies. 

And we’re fast – we are committed to paying invoices typically within three to five business days. We’ll also provide you with remittance to allow you to track your payments, so you can quickly and easily reconcile your accounts. 

See Getting Paid for more information on payments.

Communication Is Key

We pride ourselves on our efficient communication, and your questions and concerns will always be addressed. We’ll liaise with you in the way that’s easiest for you – whether that’s by phone or email or the post. If you have questions about the NDIS, its guidelines or the services it funds, just ask. Our knowledgeable staff understand the ins and outs of the system, and can help you clarify any concerns, or provide you with further information on the disability services industry.