Welcome to the Blitzit Online Portal

The Blitzit Online Portal, or BOP, is your customised view into your NDIS-allocated budget. Monitor your budget, check where your invoices are at and view your balance in one easy-to-use online space. 

What does BOP do?

BOP gives you 24/7 access to an "at-a-glance "view of your NDIS-funded support and the amounts allocated under each core, capacity building and capital purpose category. 

  • Register and login
  • View funds allocated under each category
  • Track your budget 
  • View your spending history
  • Make sure invoices are paid 

Once you sign and accept the Blitzit Plan Manager Service Agreement, you can register to use Blitzit Online Portal for your 24/7 real time access to your budget and balances.

Book a consultation with one of our friendly staff who can guide you through how to get started with Blitzit Plan Manager.