Fast payments every time

No business likes chasing invoices for unpaid goods and services. Discover Blitzit Plan Manager’s easy process for getting your invoices paid – fast!

Blitzit Plan Management makes a direct payment into your nominated bank account within three to five days of receiving the invoice, so you can get on with supplying services and support to people living with a disability.

Step-by-step process
Step 1
Provide the service, send us your tax invoice which includes all the information required to ensure a fast turn around. 
Step 2
We’ll process the invoice promptly through the NDIS portal.
Step 3
Once we receive the payment and remittance from the NDIS, we’ll pay your invoice swiftly.
Step 4
On the day of payment, you’ll also receive a remittance from us, so you have a record of payment and can reconcile your accounts.

*Note that while we'll always endeavour to turn your invoices around quickly, payments may occasionally be delayed due to circumstances beyond our control.

Ensuring your invoice is compliant

The ATO has strict rules as to what constitutes a compliant invoice. To avoid a hold-up, make sure your invoice includes the following: 

  • Participants Full Name 
  • Participants Address
  • Service date/s
  • Invoice number
  • Invoice date
  • Due date
  • GST component (if applicable) 
  • Duration of service provided
  • Unit price of service provided
  • Total of invoice
  • Service description (category/ code)
  • Provider information (Name, ABN, address, email/phone number)
  • Provider bank details 

The invoice must be labelled ‘tax invoice’. Download this sample invoice so you know what to include.

Ensuring your invoice is compliant

We’ll stay in touch

If for some reason your invoice is missing any necessary information, we promise to get in touch with you a soon as it  comes to our attention to sort out the issue promptly to prevent any delays in your payments.