Why choose Blitzit Plan Manager?

We collaborate with people living with a disability – and their service providers – to deliver personalised NDIS plan management services, such as paying invoices and tracking budgets. We give participants total choice and control over how they use their budget.

Blitzit provides an independent link between you, your service providers and suppliers, and the NDIS. You will have independent access to NDIS registered and unregistered service providers around the country, with no conflict of interest, so you can make an informed choice about who supports you.

Blitzit has experts who understand every type of funded support and category code, meaning you don’t have to spend weeks or months trying to grapple with the NDIS. We take the time to understand your personal situation because we believe no person living with a disability should miss out on the support they deserve

Blitzit Plan Manager is a no-cost approach that helps you stay in control of your NDIS funding. Plan management services are covered in your NDIS budget, which means there is no cost to the participant to access Blitzit Plan Managers services.

Blitzit Plan Manager offers a 24/7 online portal “BOP” and the Blitzit App that allows you to log in and track, manage and see the balance of your budget, giving you full control over your plan and funds.

Participants also receive monthly statements, and information about getting the most out of their funding. Our team of trusted plan managers keep up to date with the latest changes to the NDIS and budget, so you’ll get the right information, updates and answers to your questions any time you need it. We reply to all enquiries promptly and are always ready to take your call.

Blitzit aims to make applying, setting up, and managing your NDIS budget an easy and stress-free experience. We’re compliant with the NDIS Quality and Safeguards Commission, meaning you’ll never find us taking any shortcuts.

With more than 20 years of experience the caring and empathetic team promises to do everything they can to ensure you “live your best possible life”.

Blitzit has helped people Australia-wide living with a disability get the essential support they deserve by working closely with service providers, including support coordinators, simplifying the process so you can avoid frustrating delays with payment. In fact, providers are paid within 1-2 days.

Our experienced team takes the complexity out of the NDIS and makes it easy for you, your family or our carer.  

Signing up is fast, easy and takes only a few minutes with our online service agreement. Visit www.blitzit.com.au, call 1300 966 119 or email hello@blitzit.com.au.

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Understanding your NDIS plan is like navigating a personalized roadmap to support and independence. From the initial access request to the important first plan meeting and ongoing reviews, each step is crucial. Our guide simplifies this process, empowering you to confidently navigate your journey towards achieving your goals.

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Plan Review Day

Are you gearing up for your NDIS plan review and feeling a bit overwhelmed? 🤔 Don't worry, we've got you covered! 📋✨ Whether it's your first time or you're a seasoned pro, we've got valuable advice to help you make the most of this important day.

4 weeks until the end of your plan. Time to review

Your support coordinator or local area coordinator (LAC) or NDIS planner should have already set up a time for your NDIS planning review meeting by this time, and your preparation in the last few weeks will come in handy.

8 weeks until the end of your plan. Time to prepare.

Consider your plan review as an opportunity to see which of your supports and services are helping you to achieve your goals.