Providing Support For Carers

Providing Support For Carers

Carers often come in the form of partners, friends, parents, children or siblings. They are the ones who step up when those they love live with disability, as well as other medical conditions that require more support for them to be able to perform daily functions.

What support is available to me as a carer?

Fortunately, the Australian government has created a program called Carer Gateway that provides free dedicated support for the 2.65 million unpaid carers in Australia. It contains a multitude of resources depending on the level of support needed.

For those who are new to being a carer, Carer Gateway provides access to online skills courses that help you understand the basics of maintaining a healthy balance for your own well-being as well as learning more about things like effective communication and how to approach any legal issues. They even provide a PDF template for an emergency care plan to make it easier to prepare for the unexpected.

For those who need assistance bearing the mental and emotional load, they provide free counselling by phone or in person, either one on one or in groups. If you prefer talking to peers and are looking for a network of people who understand exactly what it is you’re going through, there are also peer counselling groups and online forums available through Carer Gateway.

For those who are physically struggling to accomplish all carer-related tasks by themselves, there are several options. If you need more assistance managing day to day tasks, Carer Gateway has tailored support packages where you can receive help with education (like tutoring, educational supplies, training courses), cooking and cleaning, shopping, transport, and even planned respite so you can take a break. If you’ve fallen ill or have met an injury and need immediate help in your caring responsibilities, they also provide emergency respite.

How do I access these resources?

Information on all these carer resources are available on their website, Carer Gateway. You can then call them at 1800 422 737, where their team can talk you through what your needs are and provide you with local services through their Australia-wide network.

What if the support I need is better understanding the NDIS?

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