First Quarter Catch Up: Some Things You Need To Know

The NDIS often makes changes to respond to the growing needs of participants, and this year is no different. Let’s go through some valuable changes in the NDIS Price Guide as well as some valuable services you have yet to utilise.

    Updates to the Blitzit App 

    Support coordinators can now access both the Blitzit App and Blitzit Online Portal! Stay connected across multiple participant plans with one secure and easy login. Receive real time updates in a user friendly interface and ensure transparency across all your participants with budget and balances visible to you 24/7, all invoices processed and paid, and an easily accessible provider list.

    Updated participant booklets are now available in 17 languages

    NDIS participant booklets are a valued touchstone for every person looking to understand what the NDIS can do for them, as well as existing participants and their support teams. The booklets have recently been updated to include more easy-to-understand information on all things NDIS and the my NDIS app, as well as all recent changes within the NDIS and to current legislation.

    For those more comfortable receiving information in other languages, the booklets have been made available in additional translations after feedback from participants. The languages are as follows:

    • Arabic
    • Assyrian
    • Chinese (Simplified)
    • Chinese (Traditional)
    • Dari
    • Filipino (Tagalog)
    • French
    • Greek
    • Hindi
    • Italian
    • Korean
    • Khmer
    • Macedonian
    • Turkish
    • Samoan
    • Spanish
    • Vietnamese

    These are available on the NDIS website, together with digital braille and Auslan video translations.

    TIS National provides free translation services

    For those in need of further assistance in other areas beyond their updated NDIS participant booklets, The Translating and Interpreting Service or TIS National is a free and available resource. TIS National is able to translate spoken words for those with difficulty speaking English, as well as businesses who need to communicate with clients who are more comfortable speaking a different language.

    TIS National provides the following services: 

    • Immediate phone interpreting
    • Pre-booked phone interpreting
    • On-site interpreting

    These services, through a certified interpreter, can be booked by NDIS plan managers like Blitzit Plan Manager, as well as Early Childhood Early Intervention Services, and Local Area Coordination Services.  Likewise, NDIS providers may offer interpreter services so that you can better understand and make the most of the support funded in your plan.

    Language interpreting supports may be funded as part of your NDIS plan, TIS National is a free service at your disposal. You can even request providers to book specific interpreters, whether a specific individual or someone of a particular gender. This also means helpful plan managers and support coordinators can and should be able to help you make the most of your funds by steering them towards necessities other than language support.

    For more information on TIS National, visit their website.

    Changes in short notice cancellations

    Should the need to cancel service appointments arise, participants will now need to give more than seven full days’ notice to the respective provider. According to the NDIS Cancellation Policy as of 1st  July 2022, providers may charge a fee for cancellations and even claim up to 100% of the agreed service cost. Especially for those with high cost supports, it would be wise for participants to review their service agreements with their providers and be mindful of the window to cancel their appointments. 

    Changes to TTP

    The Temporary Transformation Payment (TTP) is a special pricing arrangement paid by the NDIA to service providers, set at 3 percent for 2022-2023. What this means for participants is that you’re now able to pay 3% to providers charging for TTP.

    For more information, look through NDIA Pricing Arrangements on the NDIS website

    Need a hand with your NDIS plan?

    We understand that all this information can at times be overwhelming, which is why the team at Blitzit Plan Manager is always available to answer any of your questions! Give us a call at 1300 966 119 or send us an email at For regular updates on the NDIS and what Blitzit can do for you, sign up for our newsletter here.