Braille bin labels now available in the City of Canada Bay

The labels were developed with feedback from the City of Canada Bay’s Access and Inclusion Committee.

“The newly developed Braille bin lid labels are part of our commitment to building a more accessible and inclusive City,” said City of Canada Bay Mayor Angelo Tsirekas.

“The labels are designed to assist residents who are blind or have low vision to identify their general waste, recycling and green waste bins, and are now available free of charge for residents.”

Printed by Vision Australia, the labels are transparent and can be placed directly onto the bin. The Braille text details what can and can’t go in a recycling bin, and what should not go in a general waste and garden organics bins.

“People who are blind or have low vision want to be able to complete day to day tasks just like anyone else. The Braille bin stickers are a great example of how simple solutions can have a huge impact on someone’s ability to live independently.

"It’s always pleasing when organisations understand the importance of accessibility and we congratulate Canada Bay Council for making the stickers available to residents," says Vision Australia's Manager of Government Relations & Advocacy, Chris Edwards.

Local resident, Coral Arnold tested samples of the labels during development and said, “I thought the labels were a good idea, not only because they help me identify my bins and ensure I don’t bring in my neighbour’s bin by mistake, but they remind me what I can and can’t put in each bin.

“There are ordinary methods of working out which bin is which, such as by smelling or putting your hand in the bins – and I know my general waste bin is smaller than the rest – but I’ve found the labels handy because they also remind me what I can recycle.”

This story originally appeared on City of Canada Bay Council website. Click here to view.