4 weeks until the end of your plan. Time to review

Your support coordinator or local area coordinator (LAC) or NDIS planner should have already set up a time for your NDIS planning review meeting by this time, and your preparation in the last few weeks will come in handy.

As you head into plan review, here are some final things to check off and remember:

- Decide who will attend the planning review meeting with you, and give them enough notice so they can organise time to attend.
- List any questions you would like to ask, as well as any concerns you may have, so you have a clear agenda of what to talk through.
- Look through the folder of all the information you have gathered to make sure nothing is missing. This will be passed on to your support coordinator or LAC or planner.
- Your cover letter, which includes your disability, the support and service, as well as the total amount you have requested for each service.

If you are already plan managed by Blitzit we will send you:

- Your total budget and balances for the services that where plan managed in your last plan
- Total amounts that you have spent with each provider in this plan period
- Each category your current providers have claimed from
- Progress reports from health professionals
- Reports and quotes on future services or support