Blitzit Plan Manager works closely with Support Coordinators, Participants, Nominees, and the NDIS to ensure a supportive network.
Choice And Control. Build Independence. Maximise NDIS plans and budgets.

Working as a team

Blitzit Plan Manager are a team of dedicated professionals passionate about providing the best services to all our clients. To ensure that mutual participants are receiving only the best support from their team, we work closely with many support coordinators, guaranteeing quality service every time.

Easy Online Signup

Participants can register with Blitzit Plan Manager quickly and easily online. All they need to do is complete the online Service Agreement. Once this is submitted, our services can be engaged immediately.

If they have a copy of their NDIS plan, it can also be uploaded in this process. If the new plan documents are not available for upload, they may choose to provide these documentation via email at a later date.

Blitzit Online Portal

The Blizit Online Portal (BOP) is one of our clients’ favourite features, as it enables them to track their budgets and balances more efficiently. 

With mutual participants’ consent to share, we’re able to provide support coordinators access to our portal. 

This gives support coordinators the same real time view of budgets, balances, and the status of processed and paid invoices 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

For support coordinators with multiple mutual participants, accessing their records through Blitzit Online Portal has never been easier! 

Simply filter by account and view the details of the participant of your choice.

We’re also excited to share that a Blitzit Plan Manager App will be available early March, ensuring that all the conveniences of our portal at your fingertips whenever and wherever you might need it.

The Blitzit App

The Blitzit App is coming soon, with a host of features that make tracking your spending even more convenient. 

Not only will you be able to see any remaining budgets in every category of your plan, but you’ll be updated on the status of every invoice every step of the way. The push notifications let you know that there are new invoices, which you can then review and approve before they’re sent to the NDIS. Once we send them through, you’re able to view their status at the touch of their button.

Managing multiple participants? We’ve made it as easy for you on the app as we have on Blitzit Online Portal. 

Rest assured that your single login allows you to view all mutual participants, with our easy-to-use interface that makes viewing each plan simple and effortless.

Monthly Statements

We provide support coordinators with a monthly statement with budgets and balances of all providers paid. 

This detailed statement includes an overview of plan managed support categories, invoices claimed, and a running balance of funds paid per plan period to each provider, making it as easy as possible for you to see how the budget is tracking against allocated funds in a signed service agreement.

Fast payments

We process payments within 2 - 3 business days. We pay invoices swiftly and send remittances to providers to ensure a record of payment. 

Find out more about how we settle invoices here.

The Blitzit Hub

We’ve made our services easier to navigate through The Hub, which has all the information you need, from FAQs to case studies, to the latest NDIS news and updates. Participants can sign up directly through the site, as The Hub gives them a complete view of services offered.

  • Downloadable Forms

The Hub hosts all necessary forms available for easy download. These include the following forms: Service Agreement, Invoice template, Invoice sample, Consent to Share, and Reimbursement Request form 

  • Online forms

You can complete the Service Agreement and Reimbursement Form online, without the need for printing and scanning documents. 

End of Plan Support & Guidance

As the plan nears expiry, we email participants and support coordinators each month in the last quarter of the plan, to allow for the best possible preparation for plan review. Beginning from three months before your plan expires, reminders are sent to let you know of your end of plan date, with checklists sent in monthly intervals stating what actions should be considered to maximise the current plan and what the next steps might be. 

These checklists include information such as:

  • Reviewing your budget to make sure you make the most of your remaining budget, and engage new or existing services that can help you to achieve your goals.
  • Suggestions on how to use your remaining budget, for instance engaging a respite service provider to take a break from your everyday life or purchasing low cost consumables.
  • Preparing for plan review by creating a folder and a list of all relevant documents

A notification will also be sent out once the plan has become inactive, making both the participant and support coordinator aware that a new plan and service agreement will need to be implemented.

Detailed totals

At the end of every plan, we provide support coordinators with a full breakdown of the total paid to each provider from each support category. This is extremely helpful when preparing reports for the next NDIS review.

Service you can trust

We are independent and only provide plan management services, so we can assure you there is no conflict of interest. We do our best to ensure the best for all our participants, and one of the ways we do this is by understanding that time is of the essence. We’re responsive to emails and calls from both participants and support coordinators, ensuring little to no delays.

We’re also constantly staying up to date with all changes from NDIS, and making regular improvements to our systems to provide the best tools and resources. Sign up for our newsletter, and check in on our website for regularly updated news and blogs.

If there’s any way we can better improve your user experience as a support coordinator, please let us know! Just email us at with your suggestions and we can make it happen.

Don’t just take our word for it

We truly value our relationships with all the support coordinators we’ve been privileged to work with at Blitzit Plan Manager. Come see what they have to say below!

"I have been working with Blitzit for over 4 years now, they have been extremely efficient, professional and also have a personal caring touch. I would highly recommend Blitzit for anyone looking for a reliable and experienced Plan Manager." - Danielle

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